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Have a listen to this ~

Here's a description of the different types of Zumba classes.

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Picture This!

Photosharing Ideas
Action photos!  As I was looking over the assigned information, and following the links, I found myself on a Flickr page featuring rollercoasters.  I was immediately transported to a rollercoaster, and was bracing my body for the ride, instantly.  This gave me a great idea to incorporate action photos into a fitness class.
Using the big screen and overhead projector in a classroom, show a selection of photos each with an action theme, and have the students respond with their body, words, &or movement.
Here’s some ideas that I came up with after doing a Flickr search for Action Photos:  Rollercoaster HILL, people jumping into a lake, catching a foot ball, huge ocean wave, a motor cycle taking a tight corner, skate board ramping, cartwheels, two birds flying, a bike in midair, ice mountain climber, water skiing, salsa dancing, photo shopped image of guy hanging onto the Eiffel tower…. Got the picture?  Just imagining these images creates response in the body.  How about seeing them on a large scale and taking action! This could be especially fun in a Kids PE class to get them out of their head and into quick action.  Talk about an Action photo!
Another activity with photos in the classroom could be used in Zumba class.  The Zumba dances originate from around the world.  We could focus on the individual dances and share photos depicting the style of dance; and with the use of geotagging, share cultural aspects of each dance.  For instance, the Cumbia originates in Columbia, the Flamenco in Southern Spain, the Reggaeton from Puerto Rico, the Salsa is influenced by Cuba, Africa and Spain.  What a great way to get a well-rounded feel for the different styles of dance.
Indeed, a picture is worth mucho words~  Muy Bien!

Do you exercise weekly, or weakly?